The Annoying Question: "What Do You Want to Do with the Rest of Your Life?"


As you inch closer to the last years of high school, family and friends always ask you, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” and “What are you going to major in?” It becomes a popular topic in daily conversations. After they talk about their life plans, they ask you about yours. You answer them with an “I don’t have one. I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet”, and they give you a look of pity, or they just awkwardly laugh, or maybe both. The constant questions do not end at your senior year of high school. They continue through college.

I am in my second semester of my first year of college, and people still ask me what I want to do with my life. In one of my classes, we had to go around the room and introduce ourselves. I was hoping it would be a quick, “Hi, my name is Jinny”, and I would be done. No. Each person went around the room proudly stating their name and proudly stating their majors. The teacher would then praise them for whatever major they chose. When he got to me, I just said my name, hoping he would not ask me my major. HE DID. The moment I said, “I don’t have one”, I felt ashamed. Everyone had a plan for their life except me.

I wanted to let everyone know that I do have a plan for my life. I am not just wandering aimlessly in college. Half of the adults who are further into adulthood say we should know what we are going to do with the rest of our lives. The other half tells us that we do not have to know and that we have so much time left. So which one is it?

Don’t be discouraged. If you choose a major before you enter college, good for you. You have an idea of what you want to do. You have something to build off of. If you don’t declare a major before you enter college, good for you. People change. Plans change. That’s okay.

Reminder: There’s more to life than your salary, college degree, and GPA.

Do not compare yourself to those who seem like they have it put altogether. In reality, they are struggling also. All you can really do for the first two years of college is explore. Find out who you are. Find out your likes and dislikes. Discover your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

Most of all, believe in yourself. You are capable of doing anything if you just believe that you are good enough. Because you are good enough.

Measure your life in love.

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