Greater than Your Heart


  Love. I explore this word often. We all define love differently. You can feel love, you can be love, say love, and do love. It’s a word that can mean anything. As a college student, I’m looking for love. I want to find that godly Christisn man that will love me like Christ loves the Church. I want to find the one who loves me for my heart, soul, and mind just as he loves the Lord with His heart soul and mind. 

I find myself taking matters into my own hand instead of waiting. I do silly things like embarrassingly flirting with a guy, trying to force love, and getting disappointed when the boy I’m interested in is sitting by another girl (who is his friend). 

Growing up, I only knew that I wanted to find the love of my life that will satisfy the hopeless romantic side of me. Now that I am older, I am still a hopeless romantic with a different view on love.

Love is abstract. We can’t really fully explain it because of its different definitions. But there’s one thing we do know. We always say love is an action. Why, yes, it is an action. You show love. Love is best when shown. The ultimate example of love in action is Christ.

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our Ives for the brethren. (I John 3:16)

We know love because He gave His life for us, and we should do the same for others. That command to love your neighbor? Put them before yourself. John tells us that we have the love of God if we help one another. Now here’s the definition of love:

My little children, let us not love in word or tongue, but in deed and in truth. (I John 3:18)

By genuinely showing your love, you can trust you God with you heart. Our heart can be difficult because we sometimes don’t know what our heart wants. Well don’t be afraid if you don’t know what you or your heart wants because God is greater than our heart, and knows all things (I John 3:20) 

If our hearts don’t condemn us, then we know that we trust God (v. 21)

How amazing love can be. I hope you experience more than just love from a significant other, a friend, or a dog. If it’s love you want, I hope it’s the love of our God through Him, His Word, and the blessings He has filled your life with. He is greater than any other love you have received.

Don’t forget,  

                                                                                                                               Measure Your Life in Love. 


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