You Deserve More


In the beginning of a relationship, you don’t think clearly. You’re too caught up in the flattering words, the sweet gestures, and the pretty face. You didnt expect your relationship and connections to become something more, something deeper. You didnt really think this through. When you develop a potential relationship, or go through the “talking” phase, you are taking a risk that turns into more risks. In the middle of a relationship, you take a risk and fall in love. You give your fragile heart to someone who is not able to protect it and cherish it, but you trust them with it. Your relationship becomes something deeper, and you want something more promising. You have someone to tell your deepest, darkest secrets, your constant worries, and your dumb jokes. You have someone to confide in and someone to confide in you. You share most of your days in their company. Then some relationships come to an end, faster than others.

When you start dating, don’t expect it to be fun. It can be fun. Going out all the time, spending all your money (RIP bank account), holding hands to make others jealous, and never getting tired of their presence is fun. But it is something to be taken seriously. Your heart and their heart is on the line.

Dating is a small step towards commitment because you think “Hey maybe this can turn into something” Then it takes more steps toward commitment, so you have to be careful. .

When I was younger, I used to make lists of who I wanted to date/marry someday. Now this was 5 years ago and I cringe every time I read it. Looking back, I was a small, hopeless romantic, girl who just wanted to find someone to adore and to be adored in return. I found a few, but they did not last. This list offers many shallow and vague characteristics in a husband.

This is really embarrassing, but I was in middle school aka dark ages. Now that I’m older, my list has changed. I do not value the superficial characteristics as much because they don’t last. Proverbs 31:30 can also apply to finding a good husband. Sure he is really handsome and his words are flattering, but his fear of the Lord will exemplify that.

I’m not telling you what should be on your list and what shouldn’t be on your list. All I’m saying is to know what you deserve. You deserve so much more than the 10 minutes of attention he gives you, more than the condescending tone he uses when he speaks, more than flattering words. You deserve someone who loves the Lord more than you. You deserve honesty, truth, and encouragement. You deserve someone who loves you with his heart, soul, and mind just like he does with God.

He also deserves someone who loves the Lord with all her heart, soul, and mind. So do so.

Just a few thoughts on my mind.

If you have any comments, feel free to add on!

Much love xoxo

Measure Your Life in Love


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