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If you’ve read the Fernweh post, then you’ve been keeping up with my adventure. Today, I went hiking with one of my best friends, Kaitlyn. It was both of our first times hiking, being in the woods, and exploring. I was so glad I got to experience a wonderful time with her! She is always looking on the bright side, creative, funny, wise, and honest.She makes the best out of everything. I believe we both have the same heart sometimes. Like a friend should, she understands me.

We left home about 8:30 AM to travel to Auburn. It was a smooth trip because no cars were out. Walk the Moon’s Talking is Hard album was playing in the background while we shared our lives, dreams, and aspirations. We arrived at Chewacla around 9:30 AM and began our hike. It took us a while to figure out where the real hiking trails were, but figuring things out was part of the thrill.

We hiked several trails at Chewacla State Park, estimating about 3+ miles of trails. We pleasantly strolled through High Gravity, down Norba and around Deer Rub Trail, the three trails we took. But we suffered the trip back uphill. I am going to have calves and thighs of steel. Many of the trails were rocky, so chacos aren’t that great of hiking shoes… but my chaco tan is already coming in. Plus the pollen levels this season were crazy, so I’m pretty sure we were covered in it. I know our feet were. The trip back to the pavilion was worth it because Kaitlyn packed a beautiful lunch.10264303_10205827927204524_2776247211529902864_n

Excuse my feet, but this is what happens you need to get a good shot. Kaitlyn packed multigrain bread, turkey slices, different slices of cheese, mayo, pesto, arugula, spinach, tomato, and PB&J.  I packed some yummy apples and kale chips. All of it was organic, so we were eating in luxury. It was fresh and nutritionally filling.  It was the best lunch ever.

After lunch, we planned on getting some coffee from the The Overall Company’s pop-up shop in downtown Opelika, but it was unfortunately closed. They will be officially opening in their new location on April 12th, so catch me in Auburn next month maybe. Instead of coffee, we ended up eating the most delicious ice cream in
12512238_10205827926204499_3009626099939926463_nDowntown Opelika. Kaitlyn ordered the Courthouse Coffee Crunch and I ordered Susie’s Salted Caramel from O Town Ice Cream. I am a big fan of caramel. The employees were so kind.

Next, we drove back to Auburn to meet up with a few of our high school friends and explored the campus a little. I never had my nice cup of coffee from a local coffee shop, so we settled for Starbucks. Auburn is a beautiful campus. I would love to spend the day there.

Lastly, we visited my friend, Austin, in his home. He goes to Auburn University. I am so thankful for our always growing friendship. He let us eat our dinner in his trailer while we talked about our lives. I’m always the nosy person, so I asked him what was in each room. He was already prepared for my nosiness. It was an honor being the first company he’s ever had in his home, and he was a nice host. It was a lovely visit.

Kaitlyn and I ended the day driving back in time for Wednesday night church service. It is well with my soul.We suffered the steepness of Norba, the rockiness of Deer Rub, and the bees and narrowness of High Gravity, but we conquered this day. Hoping for more adventures.

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