I am Dirty.


You are kind. You love the Lord. You have never uttered a cuss word. You are organized and always punctual. You have never had sex or taken a sip of alcohol. You have your life all together. You are always doing what is right. People tell you that you are perfect. They comment on how they want to be you. You shake your head in amusement and say “thank you,” but in your head you are just going through the list of shameful things you have done that people do not know about.

If you can relate to most of the statements, people label you as the “goody-two-shoes.” You are expected to be pure and innocent, but it is impossible to stay so pure in such a polluted world. So speaking for the fellow goody two shoes in the world, we are not good and innocent. We are dirty and guilty. Do not praise us for being such a “good” person because it will make us feel 10 times worse than we already do about ourselves. We are just as blemished as you are. We may not have done the same things, but we know how you feel. Because of these expectations, we are afraid to make mistakes. We are afraid to disappoint those who look up to us.

It may look like we have our lives together on the outside, but on the inside we are torn to pieces. We have all done things and said things we are not proud of. We all have secrets too dark to openly share with those we love because we are too afraid of what they will think of us. We are afraid that we are too dirty to ever be clean again. Boy, aren’t we wrong! The joy of being saved through Christ is His continual washing off of dirt. Not literal dirt but sin. In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Paul lists the kind of people who will not inherit eternal life to the Corinthians. He then states in the next verse how they were once thieves, adulterers, drunks, and homosexuals etc. Once. This word makes such a difference.

We were once covered in dirt, so full of sin that there was not spot that was clean. Through Jesus we are saved. Because of His blood we are washed and made new. 1 Corinthians 6:11 states, “But you were washed,you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.” How encouraging to know that we have a way to climb out of the deep and dark depths of sin.

Once we are clean, there is no guarantee that we will stay clean. That’s where grace steps in. Because of His goodness and loving kindness, He chose to save us through His mercy. Because of His death, burial and resurrection I can be clean. Because I can die to my sins, be buried with Him and rise up out of the waters as a new person, I can be clean.