Brewed Up Love


The strong aroma. The noisy coffee grinder. The dimly lit room. The first bitter-sweet sip. There’s something about it. Either by yourself or with a friend, coffee is great. I am a recent coffee addict. I’ve had one cup of coffee almost everyday this whole semester. My excuse was that I needed to treat myself so I did. In my mind, the phrase “a cup of coffee” is a general term for a snack or a drink. If it’s coffee, I’m not talking about the black and bitter cup that the serious coffee drinkers prefer. I enjoy refreshing iced coffee with light milk and caramel syrup, and if I’m feeling risky, I throw in a shot. If I cannot handle having caffeine for the day, my alternative drink is an iced chai latte. Chai lattes were my first love before the iced coffee. Do you ever wonder why there are always people at coffee joints? For obvious reasons, they love coffee. Some people are alone, attempting to stir up ideas for their next adventure or book, or they are simply reading for leisure and want a change of scenery. Others are catching up on each other’s lives or having a study group for finals. I know I hang out at the local coffee shop just to be inspired. Coffee houses inspire the true person within us.

Whenever I want to get to know someone, I always plan on getting coffee, also known as, a coffee date. Now this isn’t a normal date. You’re not self-conscious about the way you’re eating you’re dinner or afraid of having a piece of lettuce in be+tween your teeth. Coffee dates are one of the most casual dates. They also don’t have to be with the opposite sex. I’m not sure if guys actually like to sit and talk about life over a cup of coffee. If they do, then it’s rare. Girls, on the other hand, love to talk. So coffee dates are ideal for us.I believe there is something the baristas put in their drinks to spark up deep and meaningful conversations from us. If it’s coffee, the caffeine may bring out the confidence to speak  your mind. If it’s an iced chai latte, it may bring out the kindness you needed after a rough day. Maybe you just needed to satisfy a sugar craving with a frappuccino. Coffee joints are places where people can genuinely be themselves. Even though the room is filled with laughter and tons of other conversations, it feels as if you and your person are the only one in the room. It’s an intimate setting in a public place. I’m in love with every moment I spend chatting over a cup of coffee. I’m in love with the conversations. I may even fall a little more in love with the person I’m with. Coffee dates are my favorite dates.

 The next time someone wants to take me out to coffee, you have to sing T-Pain’s Buy U A Drank. Then will I consider if you’re worthy enough to take me out. Just kidding!



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