Kindal & Keaton

Couples, Photography

On May 6th, I had the opportunity to photograph the sweetest couple. I met Kindal when we were younger. We were both in our awkward, rough stages of life, middle school. Kindal was very quiet and reserved. The first words she said to me were “You sing really pretty.” Then we started talking and exchanged numbers. We basically grew up at camp with each other. From that moment, we became good friends. Though she lived an hour away from me, we always had a chance to catch up.

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Now we are both old. Kindal is graduating from her last year of high school, and I finished my first year of college. She is growing up into a lovely young lady. There’s so much change happening. I’m always nervous when I photograph people because it surely does get awkward, but these two put up with my awkward-ness and weird comments to make them laugh. It was surely a fun photoshoot.


Kindal and Keaton have been dating for two years. Keaton did not talk much when I first met him, but that’s okay because Kindal always balanced it out. I can see that they complimented each other very well. Though they are young, they have so much hope, love, and faith. It made me fall in love with what they have. I know that every relationship is not perfect, but I certainly saw how these two complimented each other.

Please. Just look at the way he admires her. While editing these photos, I almost cried because of this sweet couple. I did not have to edit much because they were both already a naturally beautiful couple. The lighting and the weather made it such a lovely photoshoot, making me fall even more in love with photographing and capturing emotions. Kindal and I have had a period in our friendship where we did not see each other or communicated for a long time. We became so busy. Life is so busy. I’m so glad I had the time to reKINDAL an old friendship. If it’s in His will, I pray that God will bless you both with a long love.


Measure Your Life in Love


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