I am Seeing a Therapist


I am seeing a therapist. My therapy sessions usually consist of food or coffee and snacks. I see the therapist at least once a week. It’s usually with different people. They always encourage me and lift me up. I’ve been feeling more down in the dumps than usual, and it’s really scaring me. So, I distract myself. I plan coffee dates and lunch dates to get rid of the negative thoughts. Boy, has it helped me. Quality time is my favorite kind of therapy.

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Quality time is fellowship.

I love friendships that are worth pursuing. You know you have a good friend when they care about you for your heart and soul. It’s easy for the walls to come down. To be honest, without the people I have allowed to cross the bridge and jump over the walls into the deep dark pits of my mind, I would be dead. Morbid thought, but it’s true. People saw me struggling, trying to push through life. I was not really sure if I was doing well or if I was doing bad. I wasn’t sure if I as really okay, but I often convinced myself that I was.

True friends have a sixth sense. They always know what’s wrong. For me, I accidentally, sometimes, blatantly post how I’m feeling via social media. Usually through Twitter. Sorry not sorry because if I don’t say it, who will? I know a majority of people are feeling the same way I do. You’re not alone. It also shows that I am not alone as well. It’s not always good to post how you are really feeling on social media though. Sometimes it becomes too personal.

What’s sad is that we think no one cares or that no one will understand, and we sometimes believe that it is shameful to express our true feelings. So that is why we bottle them up. I am not great at expressing my feelings in person or to anyone in general. I keep it to myself because I’m afraid that I am being irrational. I don’t want people to think that I’m crazy. But someone always comes around and asks, “How are you? How are you really feeling?” Keep those kinds of people in your life. They are precious. I have come to value my friendships more and more each day.

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Keep pursuing those who truly care about you. Pursue them how you want them to pursue you. Always, truly, ask them how they are doing. If you sense something is off, do something about it. Show them love. I know I need it. So thank you to those who have showered me with so much love lately. You are truly a blessing to me, and I am so thankful.

Measure Your Life in Love


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