Beautifully Pursued

Christ, Love

One of the times I felt the most beautiful was not when I was dolled up in a sparkly dress or when my eyeliner was as sharp as a blade, but it was when I knew I was loved. A woman becomes most beautiful when she is loved. I remember, I was in love once.

It was a warm summer evening at a local Montgomery event. We were surrounded by families and couples enjoying an outdoor movie at my favorite time of day: Dusk. Dusk is when the sky is looks like a painter’s palette. All of the colors are mixed within each other, creating different shades of beautiful. The sky started off as a soft blue but soon deepened into a blush pink, mixed with the orange sunset. I was sitting by him. He was the one that made my heart alive. He was leaning back on his forearms while I sat a close distance beside him, my legs criss-crossed apple sauce. All I can remember is the breeze blowing through my long black hair and the way he gazed at me. He gazed at me as if I was the most beautiful woman in the universe, and I felt like I was. That’s when I felt the most beautiful. I was in love.A woman becomes beautiful when she knows she is loved  Just look at the blushing bride gracefully walking down the aisle. She is radiant, glowing because she is in love. She is captivating. It’s breath-taking, and the groom’s reaction is evidence. He loves her so much, and she knows it. He is constantly pursuing her. It’s as if her true beauty has been awakened. Her heart is alive.

The heart of a woman is meant to be pursued and romanced.

Deep down, every woman wants to be noticed, loved, and pursued. So we are constantly love-crazy, torturing ourselves with romantic movies and novels, stalking couples on social media and longing for a love like theirs. Admit it, we all stalk and live vicariously through other people’s relationships. I know I do. No shame. I want to be pursued. I know I want to be the most beautiful woman on the planet to someone. I know I want to be loved. Sometimes we forget.

We forget that we don’t need to wait on man to fulfill this longing of romance and pursuit.

So for now, know, that the King desires Y O U.

So the King will greatly desire your beauty;
Because He is your Lord, worship Him. (Psalm 45:11)

To be continued.

Measure Your Life in Love.


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