The Joy of an Amateur: A Documentary

Art, Life

I consider myself as an amateur photographer. I know how to shoot on manual. I know when photos are underexposed or overexposed. I know how much to expose in certain lighting conditions. I know all of the technicalities when it comes to photography.

I fall in love with most of my photographs. Falling in love with a photo is a totally different type of feeling. You fall in love with the details, the arrangement, the colors, and all the different elements that make up a photo. I think that to really be considered a photographer, you have to love your subject. You have to love the moment. There’s so much to consider when taking a photograph, especially a good one.

It may be because I don’t believe in myself and my work, or it may be because I just want to be humble. Honestly, I see all of these beautiful works of art and fancy cameras and think that I will never be as good as others.

Comparison. What a thief! Theodore Roosevelt, you are wise man. It certainly is the thief of joy. I compare myself to other photographers by wishing I had what they had. They have all of the fancy cameras and equipment while I am just making do with what I have and DIY equipment. It challenges my creativity. If you’re passionate about something, don’t discourage yourself by comparing your work to others because you are just setting yourself up for failure. Don’t take away your own joy.

I am, by all means, not a professional. So as an amateur, I like to document everything I do. I document all of my trips. I am definitely the annoying girl carrying a camera around like a tourist who just arrived in America.

They say that your eye works like a camera lens, so I am just capturing every aspect of my life with my eyes, my heart, and my camera.I find joy through documenting.




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