Willing but Weak

Christ, Uncategorized

Lately I’ve been envious of other girls. Not just any girl, but the ones who are more noticeable, the ones people always take a look at first. I don’t understand how they have that effect. I don’t understand how they can just walk into the room and all of a sudden, boys are pining for their attention. Her manners are charming, always sitting up straight with her head held high. She has a pleasant laugh with a witty tongue, always ready for a teasing and playful remark. She manages to be modest, proving that you can still capture someone’s attention with clothes on. How are these young women so memorable and captivating?

I don’t want to envious or jealous because I know that I’m beautiful just like they are. There are things in life that we don’t want, but we still manage to somehow grab a hold of these things. I don’t want to be tempted into sin. I don’t even want to have the thought of doing something evil in my mind. We don’t want to sin, yet we do. It’s in our nature. Paul states in Romans that he wants to do good, but he doesn’t. He wants to practice good, but he doesn’t. He ends up doing evil instead. (Romans 8:19)

The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

We fall short of who we need to be and what we need to do for God. We convince ourselves that because we have been redeemed by the blood of Christ that grace will cover our sins because God is merciful and loving. Grace doesn’t cover our sins if we aren’t willing to obey God and His commands, yet He is still loving and merciful. This undeserving gift does not save us if we don’t love and serve Him.

Therefore, we must fight our temptations, as if it’s our life. You don’t see what effect sin has on your mind and your soul (Romans 6:23). Fight for your soul because Satan is ready to snatch it at your weakest point.We aren’t alone in this fight either. There are others who are struggling with the same temptations, striving to resist. Not only are there others bearing your burden, but God is fighting for you as well.

God is always fighting for you. Quit being stubborn and let Him. We can’t do it all by ourselves. Our strength comes from the Lord (Exodus 14:14) Just a reminder that He is still good when we aren’t.


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