Sarah Mae Bragg

Misc., Photography

Just a girl with a whole lotta heart for Jesus and a wanderlust for adventureFin-2.jpg

There are just some people you have to be friends with. Sarah was one of the ones I needed in my life. This hip coffee lover has touched my heart with her passion for Christ and for others to know Him. As much as I hate social media and how it affects the way we communicate these days, Sarah and I met through twitter. One follow and she was hooked on my tweets (Check me out @JankyJans). We recently had our first coffee date together and it brought so much peace to our souls.

To sum it up, Sarah has coffee running through her veins, her mind focused on Jesus, and her heart set on mission work. She also has a blog, so head over to read more about her heart @sarahmaebragg.

What’s the purpose of your blog?

S: “My blog title is me, because my writing is an extension of myself. Growing up, my father always had political and religious blogs, and I was given my first URL when I was eight years old and had said I would be an astronaut and a best-selling novelist. I’ve gone through several blogs over the years, but I’ve settled down here as of late. The purpose of my blog now is to proclaim Truth in a creative way as I find it in my travel experiences, art and literature, Bible study, and even day to day interactions.”

Favorite Bible verse?

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17)

S: “I fell in love with God’s love and protection. When I found myself in really dark places later on in high school, I was drawn back to His hand by this intimate love that The Lord exudes in just a few lines of prophetic poetry. Now as a college student with big plans for the future, I find rest in the lullaby of my God.”


What’s something you’re passionate about?

S: “Cross-cultural ministry. The idea of exploring cultures and hearing the stories of strangers, while sharing the story of Christ excites me more than anything! I hope to do mission work full time after graduation, hopefully incorporating a counseling or agricultural approach. I would love to live somewhere in the Mediterranean world, ministering to Islamic women and children who search for peace in a violent season, peace that only Christ Jesus can offer.”



S: “When I’m feeling creative, but writing doesn’t suit my idea, I really enjoy painting in oil or watercolor. There’s something so soothing about each individual brush stroke. I also practice Holy Yoga, which is the postures of traditional yoga, but instead of emptying yourself for enlightenment, you’re filling yourself with the presence of God and praying with every breath. But I do normal things too: like enjoying the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee or a morning hike. Reading definitely fills my heart too; I really like writers who make me think like Piper, Lewis, Tolkien, and Hemingway. In addition, you can always find me in a coffee shop or an art museum.”


What’s something you would tell your past self?

S: “This might be cliché, so try not laugh: “It’ll be ok.” I worry about the future a lot. I might not be on time anywhere, but I’m trying to figure where I’ll live in 10 years. In self-reflection, I note that twelve year-old me would be so excited to be who I am today. I would tell her that someday, she’s not going to feel ugly; I would tell sixteen year-old me that her heart will heal; to eighteen year-old me, that God had a better plan. Ultimately, though unexpected in the midst of chaos and stress, that everything will be ok.”

In the end, it will be okay. Sarah and I are in the same boat with the desire to be content with who we are and where we are. We all want to be ok. Remembering that someday we won’t feel ugly and that our heart will heal soon, is advice we can tell ourselves in the present moment. God always has a better plan for us.


Thanks for taking the time to share your soul with me. Sarah Mae, you are a pleasant human being.


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