Brent + Mary Catherine

Engagement, Photography

There’s a first for everything. First love. First time out of town. First steps. This weekend was Brent and Mary Catherine’s first step to forever. They picked the most perfect day and venue. The overcast skies created soft lighting and set a lovely mood for this photoshoot. A few sun rays peeked from the clouds, casting beautiful and dreamy shadows.


I’ve known Brent and Mary Catherine (also goes by MC) ever since my older sister became good friends with MC. They started college together and kept their friendship throughout the years. MC and Brent were seniors when I was a freshman in college. They took good care of me, always making sure I was okay, always asking if I needed anything. They were pretty much my college mom and dad.

I am super excited for this bride-to-be! MC was one of the ones who picked me up at my darkest moments. She was always there for me when I didn’t ask her to be. I am truly grateful for her and the man who is going to stand beside her forever. Look at how beautiful she is!


Hand-in-hand, Brent and MC followed me around while I scoped out the area for scenery. I fell in love with the place. Being with this couple made the experience better. Not only were they nervous about the photoshoot, but I was too! It was my first REAL engagement photoshoot and as a perfectionist it had to be all that MC dreamed of.


One of my favorite couples in my element. The fall foliage in the garden was breath-taking. This sweet couple makes my heart flutter.

What do you like most?

B:”She is obviously beautiful. One thing I really like when we first started dating was her straight forwardness because I need that. I like her heart too.”

MC: “His heart. His kindness. He puts others’ needs before his own, which I value in our relationship.”


What was your first impression?

B: She made me feel cool about myself because she walked up to me and told me a pick-up line in calculus class during pledge week.

MC: Honestly, I just needed a kappa boy. It was pledge week and I had my hair in silly pigtails for the week. We had to go up to a kappa boy and say a pick up line.

Mary Catherine made the first move.

What do you value in the relationship?

“Honesty. Whether it’s being brutally honest about one another or just honest about something that made us uncomfortable. Honesty has taken our relationship this far. We also value our love. We love each other to be honest with one another.”


How did you know they were the one?

B: For a long time, I was hesitant. My family situation discouraged me so I was afraid that I would turn out like my dad. One night in particular, we had a fight about being committal. After the argument, I knew that I was being ridiculous. I don’t want to experience life without her. I can’t live without her.

MC: I knew a long time before he knew. I realized it when we were sitting outside of Brooks Hall at the end of our freshman year. I already had my life planned with grad school. I began questioning the relationship. Was it really worth pursuing? Are we together to just end it senior year? It was Brent’s willingness and selflessness that made me realized just how brave he is when it comes to life. He was the one. I want him to be happy, but I also want him to be near me.


Oh my. I cannot wait for someone to look at me the way Brent looks at MC.

Brent and MC complement each other in ways couples should. They fulfill each other’s needs and weakness and now they can overflow each others’ cups with love, support, encouragement for the rest of their lives. They build on each other, always filling whatever is lacking. They are an example of a wonderful relationship. Selfless. Loving. Honest. Kind. No matter what life throws at them, they will be able to face heartbreak, tragedy, and sorrow as long as they have each other.


Peace, blessings, love and all good things from above for you both as you start your forever.





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