Whitney + Jared Pt. II

Engagement, Photography

This past weekend, I traveled down to this sweet town to photograph Whitney and Jared’s official engagement pictures. I convinced my 5 feet overprotective father to let me drive my truck 3 hours down to Fairhope all by myself. It was a long drive with nothing but good tunes. On the verge of crashing into a much needed nap, I stopped at a local coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up to give me the energy I needed for an exciting day.

If you can recall, I was there to witness the proposal while crawling through bushes hoping the bride-to-be didn’t see me. This time I was able to reveal my presence. I was excited in October when Jared told me he wanted to propose to Whitney, and I am still excited to this day.


We started shooting once I arrived at Jared’s house around 3:00. It was windy, cold, and bright, making the photoshoot so lovely. The second time shooting them was even more fun. Jared showed me around the town as he whipped in his temporary minivan. There’s so much funky art and so much history in Fairhope. There were lots of giggles and laughs as we strolled through several parks and bluffs along with beautiful piers and seashores nearby. They were really good at being in love.


“A picture with an American flag always sells.” -Jared


Look at her! She is absolutely radiant! Shout out to @Erin Bryson-Makeup Artist for making her glow even more.


By sunset, we went back to the house to warm up and do a change of clothes. We did a quick change and jumped back in the van to catch some fading light. Alabama sunsets are absolutely beautiful with their creamy peach and rosy hues that fade into lavender then midnight shades.




The love this couple has for each other is so evident. Be still my heart!

After a couple of sunset shots, we drove down the downtown area. The scene took my breath away. There were lights everywhere! The whole area was decked for Christmas. I was so thankful for my 50mm lens I invested in, letting me capture this couple in lovely low lighting. Jared told me all about the coffee shops in the area and local restaurants. Everything about this charming town was perfect. I have always heard about how beautiful and lovely this quaint town was, but actually being in the presence of Fairhope took my breath away. It was where I needed to be.


Fairhope is the epitome of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Walking through the brisk air, hand-in-hand, I followed them around for the evening. We stopped at several areas and then ended up at a cute coffeeshop for the evening for another pick-me-up before I headed out.


Jared and Whitney, I am so thankful for the opportunity to capture your love again. Best wishes to the both of you as you take another step towards forever.



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