“Please Send Him…”


Lord, please send me someone tall, handsome, and kind.

2016 must be the year of commitments. All of my friends are older and around the age of settling down. Many are about to graduate while others are in long term relationships. I turn 20 in December and absolutely terrified. Well, not exactly terrified. I’m mostly nervous because I am not an angsty teen anymore. I am a woman. I am even more of an adult with even more responsibilities and expectations.

I avoid all things romantic such as songs, movies, and activities, but I’m a huge sap. I want to go see Christmas plays, bake cookies in my PJs, drive to look at lights, and drink liters of hot chocolate and coffee with someone. I want to have an excuse to hold hands and to have an excuse for someone to wrap their arms around me. I want to do all of the cheesy and cliche things I think about that make me gag. I often think about the one I’m supposed to spend my life with. I love writing letters and if I had a boyfriend, I would write him letters all the time and he would feel so loved.

For all you single ladies who want to mingle but don’t know how, let me give you a dating tip. It’s not the only way of scoring a date with the love of your life, but it is definitely beneficial. As cliche as it can be, it’s powerful. It’s simple.


Now, you’re probably thinking how ridiculous I am for writing about relationships. Trust me, I’m sick of talking about relationships and having a heart full of love that I cannot share with anyone. Yet. We always hear “God has someone for you” and “God created someone for you. Don’t worry.”  Having this desire is not wrong since God created us to have such a desire. My long last name is translated with the word “patience” in it, and I have zero patience.

Prayer is powerful.

There’s so much I could be doing now. I could be throwing myself into the social scene, but as an introvert that usually creates chaos in my mind.

The most powerful and effective thing you can do for someone is pray for them.

I asked a few of my friends, married, engaged, and single, if they prayed for their husband. Here are a few answers I jotted down.

“My prayers for my future husband were pretty simple yet broad. I prayed that God would show me the right man for me, to make it very clear-cut and obvious to me who he is when I found him. I prayed that we would be happy and that my future husband would be my perfect complement. I wasn’t ever concerned about finding someone, actually, since my education was so important to me. I knew I had a lot of school left, so I never really thought I’d find someone willing to take that entire walk with me. And I just prayed really hard to trust God and to trust His timing of the situation. But God led me right to him. It was a plan that was kicked into high gear when I was in seventh grade and met my best friend, and she started taking me to church. And little did I know my future husband was in Birmingham also meeting his best friend (at the time) and starting to go back to church. As a result, we ended up at the same college. It’s really crazy to think about. But I guess for advice all I can say is to pray for peace, trust, and patience because God has your man lined up, and it’s a pairing that was initiated a long time ago.-Engaged

“I don’t remember many specific prayers before we got married, just asking God to send me a good guy to marry. But over the years my prayers for my husband have become more defined. I have prayed that he would be the spiritual leader our family needed. I prayed that he would reach his full potential as the man God wanted him to be. Today I am thanking God for the loving and compassionate man he has grown to be. What a blessing it is to have someone stay by you and hold your hand  when you’re in pain. And when he hands you a plate of scrambled eggs…your heart just may melt! When first married we think we are so much in love, and we are. But it is nothing compared to the deep love that develops over the years of good times and not such good times. And when God is the welcome guest in that marriage the joy is beyond measure.”-Married

“Father God, give me peace, remind me that You will never leave me. If he is in Your will, send my future husband. But God, I want him to be lost in love with You before he ever falls for me. Prepare him, O Lord, for the good and the bad we will see together. Refine him to look more like Christ. As for me, Father, refine me too. Soften my heart to trust the right man, but harden it to those who don’t want what you want for me. Prepare me to love deeper, to support stronger, and to respect him as I respect Christ. Strengthen us both as we battle separately for purity, but in the future as we battle together. If I never meet him, Lord, You are still sovereign and I am still Yours. Amen” –Single

It’s every girl’s dream to get married, so we pray everyday, hoping God would show us the right one that day. It takes longer than others. Acknowledging that God is still in control when things aren’t going your way is one of the most humbling things you can do. We may not understand what God has in mind for us right now, but we definitely will later. I can’t wait. You have a life ahead of you. Spend a lot of it in prayer.

Tis the season to pray.




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