This Christmas


I’m having an internal freak-out because it’s the eve of Christmas Eve. Families are spending time together. Houses are brightly lit for all to see. There are sales literally everywhere you go. Your bank account is also crying but it’s fine because the gifts you bought are for a good cause, which is to make others happy.

My parents loved the tradition of putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it along with stringing lights around the house for all to see. When my sisters and I were younger, we used to have a slumber party in the living room with the yuletide log glowing on our television screen to make up for our nonexistent fireplace. We baked cookies and watched Christmas movies. On Christmas morning, we would wake up super early and try to open our presents, but our parents always tried to make us take a shower before opening any gifts. Who does that? It has always been just the 5 of us spending Christmas together, so I don’t know how big family gatherings are. I am content with my small Christmas get-together. Christmas is always so fun and it grows more special every year with the right people.

My favorite thing about the holidays are all of the parties going on. My birthday is also in December, so it’s double the parties. It’s always a party whenever I’m with my friends. I love the idea of dressing up and eating my weight in appetizers. I enjoy munching on chocolate chip cookies and sipping on my 5th cup of hot chocolate. I love the festive music playing in the background while listening to everyone catch up after their fall semester of college. I hear laughter more than anything, and it’s always such a joy.

As a big people watcher, I observe reactions and listen to stories. I just sit and sip in bliss as the scene around me unfolds, bringing me so much joy. This Christmas, take in the scene. Breathe in the good vibes radiating around you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of love, joy, peace, and lots of Jesus.



One thought on “This Christmas

  1. Our family is the same. Through the years (after the kids were born), we often found ourselves in places like Guam (3 Christmas’s), The Azores, Portugal (3 Christmas’s) Virginia Beach (4 Christmas’s/I was at sea for 2 of them), Jacksonville, Fl (7 Christmas’s/I was deployed overseas for 2 of those), Pensacola (3 Christmas’s), and Orange Park, FL (4 Christmas’s), and now Montgomery (7 Christmas’s so far).
    It was just us and we developed a closeness not possible with traditionally big gatherings. I suppose there are advantages to both, but I’ll cherish ours without any wishes for Christmas to be any different.

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