It’s Been a Year


Emotional. Terrifying. Okay. Three words that sum of 2016. The end of the year is always so sentimental. A million things happen in a year, in 365 days, in 12 months, in 52 weeks, even in one day. How could we possibly remember all that happened? I can only recall the big events, my most emotional times, and the end of December.


The beginning of 2016

2016 was all about self-discovery. I learned things about myself that I wouldn’t have known if I was too caught up trying to keep a relationship alive no matter how much I knew it was falling apart. I would love to go through the big events that happened in each month, but that would probably take a novel and most of it would repeat anyway.

2016 was all about opportunity. There were opportunities to form new long-lasting friendships and to grow old ones. There was a way for me to follow my dream, and with the help of a few special friends, I reached for it. I am currently waiting to hear my results in the new year to make a final decision.

A few highlights from 2016 include starting my photography business, making huge decisions on my own, leaning on my friends, taking a step toward my goal, lots of coffee dates, seeing Ben Rector in concert, traveling on my own, and a whole lot of soul searching.

It’s been a year,

 of being okay,

of tears,

of uncertainty,

of being single,

of awkward,

of living in the past,

But it’s also been a year

of joy,

of hope,

of laughter,

of lots of love,

of having a blog,

of following my dreams.

Though many terrible things outnumbered the positive things, blessings will still flow into the next year. 

I am a very cheesy, very sentimental person even though I hide it with sarcasm, glares, and sass. I love letting people know how much they mean to me because I know I want to be appreciated as well, and it brings me so much joy to always see a smile on someone’s face. I caused that smile. Thanks for all of those who touched my heart in 2016.

May the blessings flow into 2017. May it be full of all good things from above. A new year doesn’t mean it won’t be terrifying and emotional, so I’m bracing myself with good thoughts. If the Lord was good then, He is good now. I cannot wait to see what insane, terrifying, yet amazing and good things happen in the new year.

Three words that will start the new year: Joyful. Loving. Aspiring.


The end of 2016

Bring it on, 2017.




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