Charles + Rachel

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Wowowowowow. I had the opportunity to capture yet another sweet moment while out of town on a small “weekend trip” where thousands of Christians come together to praise, worship, and love the Lord. The place wasn’t ideal, so I had to bump up my ISO in such a dim area, making the photos slightly grainy (The grain gives me the nostalgic effect I loved about film). No matter the lighting, the expressions and the moment was too special and too heart-warming. Around midnight, Charles and close friends and family were gathered at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for sweet Rachel.

That smirk

“It has to happen at midnight tonight because this was the day we first met.”


The Bride-to-Be

Rachel radiates a gentle and kind spirit. In Charles’ words, “She’s lovely.”

They’ve been friends for about 6-7 years. Charles told me that he is not the type of guy to ask for a girl’s number at events like camp. I had the same state of mind because it’s only a week. Nothing will happen in a week. His friends pushed him to get this pretty girl’s number. Well, Charles proved it wrong. He is the example of meeting the love of your life while loving the Lord.


Look at that ring!!!

Stealing a chair from the hotel, we trudged outside in the wind for a mini photoshoot. It was gusty, chilly, and bright outside. As a photographer, I am very observant of behavior. I’ve seen shallow couples and I’ve seen couples who were so in love. Charles and Rachel work well together, and I know that their love is pure and good because the Lord is in it.



They just look so happy; I’m crying.

The distance was hard for the both of them since Rachel was from Tuscaloosa and Charles was in Montgomery during the first part of their relationship. Being apart from your loved ones are not fun. I couldn’t even survive being a week away from someone I loved. He would visit her almost every weekend. Now both of them are in school in Montgomery and things are dandy.


It’s time to start your life together, and I am so excited for the both of you. It may be a while before the wedding, but I hope your love grows between now and forever. So much love for the both of you!


P.S. Stay posted for possibly a legit engagement shoot soon and their love story




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