Behind the Scenes Pt. III

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Don’t worry, folks. I grow more awkward with every photoshoot.

What really happens behind the scenes as a photographer? Well, I do my research to prepare my mind for the chaos that is about to happen. I almost always panic before a photoshoot because of nerves and fears of all the things that could go wrong.  The only equipment I have right now is my sweet Nikon camera, my 18-55mm lens, coffee, my personality, and coolio the stoolio (my step ladder that I carry everywhere).

So, what’s the plan? What is a little girl like me going to do with her life? Honestly, I have no idea. Right now, I am pursuing this art by hopefully attending a lovely university known for their football team but also for their art department. I’m hoping to jump into the competitive business of wedding photography. So if you’re getting hitched soon, let me know and I will travel to you. All proceeds will go to college tuition and living.

The shooting side of photography is a blast. I love the cameras, the lenses, the subjects. I adore the light. I try my best to capture the best versions of my subjects. The business side of photography, on the other hand, is absolutely the worst. No worries though. I am learning as much as I can through experience and guidance.




Sutton Fam

I’m not a fan of family photoshoots. It’s not that I don’t like families. I just don’t believe it’s my forte. There’s always a crying child. Other kids are running around yelling. Parents are fussing at their children to not bite each other, and I’m just standing on my cool stool awkwardly smiling. It’s chaos. It’s hard. It’s fun. But when everyone behaves, oh my, the photos turn out so lovely.


I have done one wedding as a second shooter, but I learned how it worked. There’s a schedule for the whole day. From getting ready to the reception, we are always shooting. We were there from 1 pm til 9 pm. We photographed details such as the rings, bouquets, and guest book. Next, I had to interact with people I didn’t know and tell them to pose. That’s always so nerve racking for me because I have a love-hate relationship with talking to people, especially people I don’t know very well. Throughout the day, people would ask us to take certain photos. Weddings are fast-paced and time oriented. Lots of details are involved and I love to document them.



Brent + MC


Whitney + Jared

Oh my heart. I always do my research of poses when I do engagement shoots because I don’t want all my engagement sessions to be the same. I know the couple feels as awkward as I do, so I try my best to make them laugh by saying weird stuff and doing strange things. I always encourage them by yelling, “LOOKIN’ GOOD” or “WOW THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.” They work all the time. I am the number one fan on this photoshoot.



My fab lil sis, Am





Shooting portraits are fun because I get to learn more about the people I’m photographing. We talk about our dreams and our plans. We make lame jokes. I’ll do anything to see a genuine laugh. Everyone loves to feel like they’re models in magazines. Why not pretend and play the part?

Since I’m only in the beginning, my photography has worth. It’s about time, creativity, and passion. I always end up doing more than I should because I love what I do and I want people who invest in me to absolutely fall in love with my work. I am willing to go above and beyond because that’s just who I am as a person. I love to serve and love on people with my photography.

A few packages are available on the blog. If you’re wanting to schedule a session, we can talk about it over coffee! I’d love to meet my customers before I shoot them (HA HA) or shoot me an email.

So if you’re a struggling artist, keep struggling because it’s definitely worth seeing faces light up when you show customers your work.


One thought on “Behind the Scenes Pt. III

  1. I’m not sure of your area, but you might look into cosplay and conventions in your area. I do know that in California, we love to have our picture taken, especially all dolled up.


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