A List of People & Things to Fall in Love With This Year


Four little letters form one of the most complicated, over-our-heads, topic. Love is a concept we cannot comprehend, yet we try our best to define it through our actions and we try to form elaborate sentences to describe such a significant and beautiful word. Falling in love is a whole ‘nother abstraction we believe to have experienced at least once in our lives. Falling in love does not have to be with someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. It doesn’t have to be someone who holds your hand or kisses you on the forehead when you’re sad.


1. Fall in love with the people who make your coffee. Whether it be your husband, wife, parents, or a lovely barista at the coffee shop, love them. They woke up thinking of you and how much you need coffee to start your day. I’m sure the barista just woke up thinking they needed to make money today, whoever brews your coffee will still call you a babe and wish you a wonderful day.


2. Fall in love with the strangers around you. The energy they radiate captivates you, and you can’t help but feed off of their positivity, productiveness, and passion. You see yourself in every person you walk by. You see your fashion sense in the girl strutting down the street with her high-waisted skinny jeans, striped tee, and cat-eyed sunglasses. You see yourself in the stranger who held the door open for you, kind and considerate. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the person you love the most and spend the most time with. You somehow end up being the same person, having the same heart and desires.

3. Fall in love with your friends because there’s no one else who can have you rolling on the floor laughing for 10 minutes and then backing you up in an argument, threatening to hurt the person who wronged you. If you aren’t in love with your friends, then I suggest you to find some new ones.love-2

4. Fall in love with passionate people whose eyes light up at the mention of the one thing that makes their heart flutter. It could be music, art, space, or even the idea of how close we are to figuring out time traveling. It could also be the Lord and His grace, goodness, and the many gifts He bestows on us because of His love. Watching someone talk about the Lord in their life is the most beautiful thing to experience. It could be something you have absolutely never heard of or cared about before, but you can’t help but stare at them with kind eyes. You question them further to know more and to hear them talking your ear off about something they love so much. It makes you fall in love with them and their passions. You can’t help but admire.


5. Fall in love with flowers because they partake in the beauty of this earth. Flowers are always in bloom no matter what season. Dried up, dead flowers are as beautiful as the vibrant ones blooming in a garden. Appreciate and admire their beauty because they will soon wither away and come back next season.

6. Fall in love with a blank slate. Clean. Spotless. Pure. There’s so much you can put on a blank canvas or a blank wall, but the simplicity of it is so beautiful that you don’t want to mess it up. Fall in love with the minimal and simple things that remind you that the simple life is as beautiful as the wild life that is often glorified.


7. Fall in love with every season of your life because with every season there is growth in every state of being. With every season there is a plethora of lessons learned from various people, events, and opportunities. Every season will bring wisdom from the experience and hopefully patience, peace, and joy will bloom from each term.

8. Fall in love with an empty room. It’s silent, but your mind is the loudest. It’s just you and your conscience. It’s a time to reflect and time to revive from a busy world.


9. Fall in love with change. It’s scary and terrifying, but it can also be eye opening and riveting. Change brings many opportunities and experiences we need to be able to be wiser and stronger in every state of mind.

10. Fall in love with yourself. Though you can be confusing, confounding, and cryptic, there’s no one else like you. There may be someone with the same eye color, sense of humor, or same  dress, there is no on exactly like you. Similar to our fingerprints, we are as unique as a snowflake. You discover so many things about yourself when you fall in love with who you are, where you are, and why you are.


I hope you have the chance to check these off your list of things you should fall in love with. The little things in life can bring so much love. Let yourself be so in love with these things that nothing else matters.


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