You Don’t Need Anyone


C: He just broke up with you. You’re on your way home and full of all these emotions. What were you feeling at that exact moment?

M: At that moment, I was sad. I thought I was never going to be okay. I thought I was never going to be in love ever again or ever get married. I felt doomed.

C: Now, let’s stop right there! You’re definitely not doomed! You felt all of those things at that moment.  Let’s focus on one thing. You said you were not okay. What are some things you would tell this broken hearted girl to help her feel better? What are some good qualities about her?

M: I would tell myself, “You are okay. You will be okay.” I was independent. I invested all of myself in him and loved him with my whole heart.

C: Right, you are capable of taking care of others and loving others well. That’s a good quality to have. What else would you tell her?

M: I would tell her, “You were a wonderful girlfriend to him, and he doesn’t deserve you. You don’t need a man.”

I think we do need people. We can be too independent sometimes. We can take care of other people well and love people with our whole being, but we often neglect ourselves. Sometimes we seek our validation and worth in other people because we want someone to love us as much as we love them. There’s nothing wrong with wanting someone because we were created to crave companionship with someone forever..

Think of a time where you thought you would never be able to recover from. You didn’t think that you will ever be okay again. In those dark times, your perspective was clouded with negativity and emotions and didn’t even bother to see the light that was there the whole time. All you could focus on was the micro, that exact moment. You couldn’t see the big picture of why things were the way they were. It’s difficult to have a macro perspective when life throws curveballs at you. It takes lots of time for you to heal. During the healing process, the Lord bestows so many magnificent revelations. What did the Lord teach you in the moments of darkness? To seek Him? To trust in His will?

The Lord uses the toughest of times to teach us the greatest of lessons.

At the exact moment of trouble, we over dramatize and over exaggerate things. We think with our feelings instead of thinking of the facts.

Fact: You are good enough.

Fact: You will be okay.

Fact: Things will work out.

There will be more heartbreak from this world in the future. Keep in mind that no matter how much the darkness consumes you, the Lord is always there. He is always fighting for you. He is always cheering you on. He is always longing for you. He is always waiting for you with open arms, ready to love when all you did was neglect Him.




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