Wild Week


Meeting up with passionate people is what I live for. I’m a crazy introvert but I love to meet people. People make me nervous, but I still pursue friendships an coffee dates. I had the opportunity to travel to many places this week. I went to an art museum and a lovely coffee shop with the best iced caramel latte I’ve ever tasted.


Later on in the week, I went to NOLA for the Lumineers concert. It was a long drive. I lit the aux cord while my friend drove us. Bless him for driving because if it was me I would’ve been dead. It was a lengthy trip, but definitely worth all of the food and friendship. My concert experiences have been lovely so far. I’ve seen Ben Rector, COIN, and The Lumineers. Panic! At The Disco is the move for April!



We came back home late Saturday afternoon.

After praising the Lord and all His goodness Sunday morning, I headed out to Birmingham to stay the night with my friend. She’s swamped with responsibilities and assignments, but she still found the time to be such a wonderful host and a best friend to me. I also had a coffee date with an old middle school friend and we caught up over lattes at Octane Bar.


So much love for this sweet friend of mine.

I left Monday morning after breakfast for Tuscaloosa to hunt for apartments and meet my roommates. One step towards settling! There was progress but there’s still work that needs to be done. It was a long day of interacting with people. I ended the day with roomie dinner and watching my friend perform in the Alabama Symphonic Band. Honestly, I’m honored to attend such a talented and beautiful school.

Praise the Lord for safety and blessings.

This weekend consisted of lots of energy, food, and coffee.



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