College Senior | Lovely Laura


Laura is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. She is kind, passionate, and talented. I met Laura years ago when we were campers at Indian Creek Youth Camp. To be honest, she intimidated me at first because she’s LAURA. She is talented, intelligent, and beautiful. Plus she’s a few years older than me, so little Jinny was always scared of people. Take the chance to get to know someone before you think anything about them!


Laura is Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Music Education, specifically Vocal Education. Girl got PIPES!!!! She is also in the MTSU Women’s Chorale and has her own conducting baton. She also has tons and tons and TONS of sheet music. Talk about official!


I fell in love with her hair and makeup. Her highlighter was POPPIN’!!! Talented, intelligent, and stylish, which makes her more than beautiful!


We met up halfway in an unexplored town for our photoshoot. Traffic in general was terrible because of Spring Breakers, but the drive by myself wasn’t too bad. We met at Lowe Mill Art’s & Entertainment Center for coffee AND WE BOTH FELL IN LOVE.


She’s absolutely fabulous. We love all things art and wanted to stay all day long.


All of the windows. All of the light. I didn’t want to leave. THE COFFEE WAS AMAZING TOO.


We spent the evening chasing the light. It was also prom night, so we saw a few teens dressed to the nines. I never looked like that when I was in high school???




I normally prepare myself for shoots by having a few poses I found on Pinterest in my phone but I barely took my phone out because Laura is a natural. Most of the time on shoots we walk and I gasp, point to a place, and run to it. I gave little direction, but only because she naturally settled into a pose. I don’t say much. I just make a lot of noises.


The lovely rosy hues of spring. Laura, you are an aesthetically pleasing human. I am so happy we are friends and glad that we spent a few hours together. Celebrating from afar as you’re finishing up your last days as an undergraduate!!!


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