{Engagement} Tori + Landon


Whenever I scout for photoshoot locations, I always try to get out of town. Leaving in the morning, I drove to Garrard Landing Park in Georgia, nearly 3 hours away. Never heard of it, but as I was looking for locations between Alabama and Georgia, this place caught my eye. It was an ugly day, but being with this sweet couple brightened it up in Atlanta, GA. The skies were gray. It was freezing and to top it off, it rained! Location plays a big role with my portraits but when there’s a beautiful couple involved, it honestly doesn’t matter where we shoot.


I live for candids. They are some of the loveliest moments that go unnoticed. They are unposed, natural, and sincere. Candids are the moments where no one is watching and that’s when you let loose and live care-free for a few seconds or minutes. It’s a way for my clients to view themselves through my lens, which is beautiful. You are your most beautiful self.


Tori and Landon were so fun to work with. They didn’t mind the sprinkling nor the cold weather. Landon is such a goober and Tori loves how silly he can be.


Their favorite passage as a couple is 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. A good passage to remember that no matter what comes their way, love conquers all. It’s never failing and that is so powerful for a couple preparing to spend forever.




I love photographing couples because I’m such a hopeless romantic and also because I love to see how people work with each other. I love observing their interactions and their words. It’s the sweetest thing and I want to continue to capturing a love that is so pure and so genuine. It’s a bonus when it’s a Christ-centered love.


Such a beautiful couple. Thank you so much for this opportunity! So much love for you guys and congratulations again!!!




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