Erin B.

3I had the honor to photograph this beautiful lady this past Saturday. I needed a model to photograph and she was the perfect candidate because obvi she is a model! Although it was hot and humid, it was a beautiful day to stroll through the gardens.



Erin is such a delight to be around! We kind of grew up together through the Church and church camp. She’s always been so pretty to me. She grows with grace and beauty every time I see her! She’s cute and I’m always laughing with her. Erin also has her own lil makeup biz. She’s a fellow artist and and truly talented at what she’s passionate about.



I told her that she was like a wildflower in the midst of all the greenery, the brightest in the field. Absolutely radiant!


Erin is always fun to be around. She’s bright and cheery. She’s genuine and always so kind. Erin is busy with her makeup appointments, so give her a call! This beautiful soul will make you feel beautiful inside and out.

Much love to this sweet soul.

Erin Bryson Makeup Artist


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