Haileigh + Grant

Happiest birthdays to my best friend. So much love for her and who she is as person. She is strong, brilliant, silly, & my person. Happy 21st birthday, sweet friend. We celebrated with a photoshoot! DSC_0163.jpg

She’s living the dream. Haileigh is an education major with a big heart for children. She went study abroad across Europe for the spring, leaving me & Grant to fend for ourselves back home. Words could not explain how we were so happy to have our girl home.


It’s different to view your relationship from a someone else’s point of view.  These two work so well together. They both love the Lord. No matter where they are, they make an effort to read God’s Word together. They always encourage each other and hold each other accountable. They complement and balance each other so well, yet they are similar. I have never been more happy for my friend.

223.jpg11Grant is such a goof. He was sassy with me the whole time, so of course I sassed him back x10. He is kind, compassionate, and godly. He’s always looking for ways to serve others & glorify the Lord with his words and his works.5

I pray for my friends to find men that would give them the world. Thank the Lord, ’cause my prayers have been answered! Grant loves this girl more than me. I’ll probably fight him for that, but he gives this girl the world.

16They are full of lots of laughter and lots of love.


So much love for you guys. You’re so in love and I pray that I will find a love likes yours.


Thank you for always being there for me when I was not completely all together. Thank you for confiding in me when you didn’t know who else to turn to. Thank you for always letting me run into your apartment in tears. Thank you for taking me to my first concert to see the love of my life BEN RECTOR. Thank you for your love, friendship, advice, encouragement, hugs, & love for chai tea lattes. Thank you for your love of the Lord and sharing it with others. Thank you for your big heart.

Thank you, Grant, for showing her a love she deserves.

Love you, Haileigh girl.



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