Jordon H.


Sometimes I see people and I think, “I have to photograph them.” Jordon was one of them. I needed to finish out my last roll of film before I sent them in for scanning. (Stay tuned for my film scans if they turn out!!!) Jordon is finishing college this week! She’s packed with finals, so I’m glad we had the time to have a fun photoshoot before the week became too hectic for her.


This lil girlie was born and raised in Louisiana with all of the cajun food, jazzy tunes, and swampy marshes. I met her my freshman year of college when we both pledged the same social club. Jordon was always so positive and bright. Her attitude helped us get through the rough week of pledging. If I didn’t pledge, I would have never met her! (Shouts out to Phi Lambda you have my heart forever thank you.)


Friday was a long day of work and running errands to prepare for my little sister’s graduation tea the next morning. I love staying busy with sessions. Of course, I stopped for coffee before arriving at our location. I fell in love with it all. We saw a few kids taking prom photos as well. No matter where I went, there was always prom happenin’ in the area.


Jordon and I share a love for adventure and nature. Spring is here which means all the flowers along with all the bees! She’s a trooper for standing so close to these flowers. Still lookin’ good even if she was being eating alive by bugs.


Jordon graduates today majoring in Clinical Psychology and pursuing a medical school. She’s going to be enjoying life after college before applying for grad school.


She’s constantly in the Word, so it’s hard to choose her favorite verse.

“My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

Psalms 121:2 ESV

This verse reminds her that we cannot do anything on our own. Everything comes from the Lord!


It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. -Henry David Thoreau


Congratulations, Jordon! You’ve made it so far and inspire us to keep going even when school makes us debate whether or not it’s worth it. You have such a big heart with all you say and with all you do. So much love for you, friend!!!



4 thoughts on “Jordon H.

  1. I had the honor of teaching Jordon at a little country school at Nebo Elementary. She and her sister Bethany are such a joy just to be around!! You captured her essence so vividly! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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