Kelly Wedding

“I asked someone who knew what love felt like and she confirmed my suspicions. That’s when I found out that I was in love with Jared Kelly.”

“When we were away from each other for the first time, I definitely knew I wanted to marry her.”


From their friends to their families and eventually down to their souls, everything about this day was beautiful. My goodness, was their love something pure. It’s not the kind of love you read about in romance novels. It’s nothing close to that. This is a kind of love that God provides. It’s patient through tribulations. It’s a love that’s centered around the Lord & His goodness. When you want something, you have to wait for it. These two have waited and they have made it. 

I love what I do and I want to do it forever. Whitney & Jared were engaged on October 1st, on Whitney’s birthday. Through lots of communication, I was there from the start of their forever. Read about it here! A couple of months passed and around Christmas break we had a beautiful engagement session in the lovely town of Fairhope. More planning and more prepping… May 13th arrived faster than we realized.



We were all ready for the “I do” moment. I wanted this to happen as much as the next person who wanted this to happen.

Every time I talk to them about the other, they always have this sparkle in their eye. The love they have for each other is so genuine & so pure. I have observed it from the proposal to the engagement and finally, to the wedding day.

I know they will do great things, not only as a person, but also as a couple. The Lord has given them each other to continue doing good works. Nothing’s change. There’s just an extra person there to always encourage and love when they need it the most. 

This was my first wedding and I am just awed by this couple. I am shook at how the photos turned out. All thanks to those who encourage me. I am where I want to be because of you all.










Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day. Thank you for all of the love you guys have poured on me as I’m getting closer to my dream. Thank you for making my first wedding perfect. You have made me feel so alive.

Best wishes always and forever. I love you both so much!!!



2 thoughts on “Kelly Wedding

  1. Absolutely beautiful from the proposal to the wedding. Jimmy, you did a wonderful job and I see that you will have a very promising career because you do one thing other photographers don’t and that is capture the love between the couples. Other photographers just pose them and shoot the picture they don’t capture the love that pours out of their eyes and souls like you did with Whitney and Jared. Congratulations


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